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In February 2022, the Session of First Presbyterian Church called Rev. Krista Kiger as interim pastor to help lead the church through its transition to a new installed pastor. 

The ongoing question for our congregation is, "What new thing is God doing?" Our congregation is ready to listen to God's voice and live our mission to love God with all our being, our neighbors as ourselves, and to serve our community in this new season. We know that human beings need connection and community. We seek to be a community that makes connections with all who seek a place where they can be who they are, where they experience belonging. In Leavenworth County, there are still places of struggle and pain: struggles with accessing healthy food, with accessing affordable housing, with accessing assistance for those who struggle with mental illness and/or substance abuse disorder. We know families need to feel safe and secure, and children need to be loved. We imagine First Presbyterian Church to be a place where those who have often felt rejected can find a spiritual community home. We seek to be this kind of community because God first loved us and has asked us to love one another as Christ has loved us. 

We are seeking a pastor who will walk this journey with us, who will be a spiritual companion on the way as we together seek God's "new thing."

My Story

We are currently seeking a new minister! Our interim minister's information will be updated here upon their seletion! Please reach out to the church's office if you have any questions!

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