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Monthly News


Dear Friends,
Seventeen children gathered in the upstairs classroom on Wednesday evening for our „Boot Camp Vacation Bible School?. I was pleased because I wondered if we would only have the three kids who had pre-registered. I was confident that we would get at least ten but when seventeen were seated and ready to go, I was excited about the three evenings ahead of us! I didn?t know most of the kids and they did not know most of the leaders but it did not take long to know we were going to like being together, learning and having fun. So far, we have had two great nights and as I write this I am waiting for the crew and the kids to arrive for the third. The second night we had twenty-one students. We?ll see what the third night brings.
How many students come is not in our control but we have worked and planned and prepared so we would like a nice size group. Letting go of our expectations and believing that God is at work in our efforts is often hard to do. I want big success that is obvious to everyone.
On Wednesday morning I read these words as part of my devotion time as I was reflecting on the previous two evenings of VBS. Mark Yacconelli writes:
“Again and again the disciples are forced to give up their expectations and remain in a state of spiritual poverty. To enter into spiritual poverty is to keep from seeking to possess or control God. Spiritual poverty is the willingness to be empty, to allow our expectations of God to dissipate. Like those who followed Jesus, it?s a willingness to be helpless, confused, anxious, and wanting. It?s a willingness to enter the void, the uncertainty that so many people, particularly the poor, live with every day. It?s a willingness to allow God to be God and me to be me. It?s only in this empty and vulnerable state that we become available to the God who lives in the present moment, the God who lives in our immediate relationships, and the God who lives within the small acts of love that we are asked to undertake.”
I?ve seen some amazing things the last two evenings:
?Kids filling the upstairs rooms with beautiful singing.
?Children helping each other with crafts and games.
?Kindness extended, received and reciprocated.
?A grandmother?s tears of joy as a memory verse is recited
?Encouragement, patience and joy all around
The planning team for VBS did feel helpless, confused, anxious, and wanting at times as we prepared. Yet we also were willing to enter a void and see where God might lead us through this
effort. So far it has been a joy for those of us involved. Perhaps it is in the places where we are most vulnerable that we truly make ourselves available for God to do what is most needed. When we get out of the way and let God move through us some pretty neat things begin to occur.
Lord, make us vulnerable to your love and leading and in that vulnerability teach us to seek you and your reign for all. Amen.





                                             August 21, 2016

                                             Rev. Tim Soule


                                              "God's Call"





We served our neighbors another Community Meal on Tuesday, June 28.  we enjoyed our time together and ate many wonderful food items.

Please join us on July 26, 2016 for our community meal.

Calling all Ringers, Singers, and Players!
Thanks so much to all who made our summer choir a vital part of worship. We were also blessed with soloists and instrumental groups throughout the summer. Now, as summer is coming to a close, it is time to think about our regularly scheduled rehearsals.
The Bell Choir and Chancel Choir rehearsals will begin August 24 in the sanctuary.
The Bell Choir practices at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday evenings. We are always happy to welcome new ringers. If you read music, that's great, but not crucial. We can teach you!
The Chancel Choir rehearses at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday evenings. We have a great time of fellowship while providing service music for First Presbyterian Church. New singers are welcome to join at any time.
As the year progresses, string, woodwind, brass, and percussion players will also have performance opportunities. Instrumentalists can accompany the choir for special anthems and larger choral works, and may present special music.
If you are interested in joining either of our choirs or being part of an instrumental ensemble, please contact me or leave a message with the church office.
Freda Proctor
Director of Music/Organist

The "school supply" collection will continue through the summer. There are lists of needed supplies near the collection bins. Our share of the Pentecost Offering last month will go to the Youth Achievement Center (YAK). Since several of our local food pantries are running low of food, we will now keep a bin marked "Food" for weekly donations - hoping that our members will get in the habit of bringing a can or a box to church when we come.


mark your calendar for friday, august 19th to attend a t-bones game starting at 7:00 pm. Cost will be $10.00 or less depending on group size. See howard kirk for more information or to order tickets.

friday, september 16th at 10:30 a.M. A private tour of kauffman center for the performing arts. The $100 cost of tour will be divided by attendees. Lunch is being arranged. If you need a ride,car pool will be available.

wednesday, october 26 we will travel to the new dinner theater to see “have you met miss jones”. World premiere of a cabaret style show centered on the life and career of oscar winner shirley jones. Doors open at 11:15 lunch is served from 11:40-12:40 with the show at 1:00. Tickets will be $33 (includes play and lunch buffet). Drinks and dessert is not included in the price of the ticket. Please fill out form and return with your money  by september 18th.





pipe organ update
the work on our pipe organ has been completed, and it will be back in service sunday, july 31. the electrical system was updated with a solid state control system with new keyboard and pedal contacts and power supply units.
if you have always wondered about the various buttons and keyboards and pedals on the organ console, or why organists wear special shoes, join me after the postlude august 7, and i'll share some some basic information on the organ and how it is played! i'll also demonstrate some additional performance capabilities We Now Have Thanks To The Addition Of The New Control System's Modern Technology.



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