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                     March 19, 2017                        

    Rev. Tim Soule     

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Monthly News

 Have you heard all of the talk about our new elevator?

 Everything is going well with the elevator for now. Yes, we had some hidden damage that needed to be repaired in the basement wall, plumbing, and stairs. All has been fixed and will last us for another 100 years or more. The fixes will cost us an estimated additional $25,000. We also had to purchase Risk Insurance which was $2860, which I purchased through Kaaz. To buy it through our Presbyterian insurance would have been about $3,500. In addition, we had to conduct two asbestos tests which proved the tile in the office workroom and second floor restroom and classroom contained asbestos. Those tests were a total of $550. All are part of the $25,000 additional costs for now. I made the first payment to Kaaz last week which was for $14,805.75. This is 90% of what was invoiced. We keep 10% as escrow until the final punch list is completed; then we pay the rest of what was retained from each invoice throughout the project. Right now we have about $160,000 on-hand for the remainder of the elevator project. We continue to receive contributions each month which help to offset the hidden repairs or any future changes that are necessary. Whether we need all of the additional contributions or not, any leftover goes toward our next project and will be added to the sale of the tax credit certificate if the State of Kansas has any money to give us at the end of the elevator project. The shaft is almost complete, and will now start inclosing with sheet rock. The plumbing is about 75% done and electrical just starting but can’t be completed until the elevator is actually installed. Still looks good for a new elevator by Easter.
The First Presbyterian Church has scholarship opportunities from two different endowments: the Boatright Scholarship Fund and the C Cory Community Scholarship Fund.
? The Boatright Scholarship is given to members of the congregation who have completed one or more years of college and will continue enrollment in 2017-2018.
? The $850 Community Scholarship is given to assist a graduating senior from Leavenworth County with academic potential and financial need. It is for students who are not members of this church and who will enter college in 2017.
Applications forms (with specific application requirements) are available in the church office. Completed applications must be received by April 1, 2017. We encourage all interested students to apply. If you have questions, contact Judy Wiedower.
Margie and Darrell Holland will be sponsoring English as a Second Language on Sundays at the church at 2:00 p.m. If you have any questions call Margie or Darrell at 913-721-0388.
We served 261 hungry folks last Tuesday at our Community Meal - and had enough food and barely enough volunteers. We worked hard, and we felt we served a need in our community. Price Chopper and Daylight Donuts were very generous which we greatly appreciate.
A simple prayer: "Lord, even as we enjoy the Super Bowl football game, help us be mindful of those who are without a bowl of soup to eat" is inspiring a youth-led movement to help hungry and hurting people around the world. This prayer, delivered by Brad Smith, then a seminary intern serving at Spring Valley
Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC, gave birth to an idea. Why not use Super Bowl weekend, a time when people come together for football and fun, to also unify the nation for a higher good: collecting dollars and canned food for the needy? Youth could collect donations at their schools and churches in soup pots, and then send every dollar DIRECTLY to a local charity of THEIR choice. The senior high youth of Spring Valley Presbyterian liked the idea so much they decided to invite other area churches to join the team. Twenty-two Columbia churches participated that first year, reporting their results so a total could be determined, and then sending all $5,700 they had raised to area non-profits. That was 1990. Since then, ordinary young people have generated an extraordinary more than $100 million for soup kitchens, food banks and other charities in communities across the country. In addition, hundreds of thousands of youth have experienced for themselves the joy and satisfaction of giving and serving, inspiring people of all ages to follow their generous example.
Bring your Souper Bowl Offering this week. We suggest at least one can of soup or one dollar per person. Put it in the bin with logo of the team you think will win the big game on Sunday. We will let you know the “favorite” as we exit worship. We will have some fun and fight hunger all at once. 100% of our donations of soup will go to the food pantry of The Salvation Army of Leavenworth. Join in the fun and help fight hunger all at the same time.
Mobile Church 



Register now at HeartlandCamps.org through February 13th to receive 10% off the cost for one of their overnight or day camps and get a week of summer they won’t forget!
Hello from Heartland!
We’re excited to tell you that we still have discounts for those looking to come to camp this summer. Until February 13th, there is a 10% discount on every camp, except for Traveling Camp. When informing parents let them know we need a small deposit of $50, if registering for day camp, $75 for overnight camp. Heartland understands that planning this far in advance is difficult; we don’t have any fees for changing the week they registered for later on.
Your relationship is important to us and we would love to fill our camps with kids from your church. Send an email, post on social media, and be vocal with your youth and encourage them to spend on a week at camp. Let parents know we have ways to help cover the cost of camp and also express a bond between your church and this camp. Let them know it is a safe and loving place to send their child to grow in faith and community. Your church can help us get the information to parents so kids can be impacted for Christ this summer.
There is a Grandparent, Family, and an Overnight Camp. Please be sure to check out the bulletin board for registration, dates and deadlines.



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